Jan 192018

Thank you for making this a banner year. The collecting market is so strong and I have been fortunate to have a wide range of revolvers to choose from. I appreciate your business.

If you are an avid collector of Colt custom single-action revolvers and reference books, you have come to the right place. The Wilkerson family have been in the business for over 40 years, and customer satisfaction is a priority. Check My Contacts for information and call me for more information.

I am in the process of posting a few of Don’s collection guns in stagecoach boxes. Many sold at the St. Louis All Colt show last October. This is your chance to own a Colt revolver from the collection of the premier collector of 2nd Generation Colt Single Action revolvers.

There are 4 consignment Colt 2nd generation Single Action Armys in black boxes posted and one late 2nd generation in the brown box.  This group is complete with photographs and prices. If you have an interest in high quality, collectible revolvers, give me a call. There is a wonderful selection of calibers and barrel lengths. The ability to find early 2nd Generation Colt Single Action revolvers has become difficult. I have just posted a large number of third generation Colts in various calibers, barrel lengths and finishes.There no longer revolvers in .32-20 caliber or .357 Magnum caliber.

Note that a number of guns previously posted were sold at the Colt show. The demand is high for collector pieces. This is the best selection of second and third generation revolvers I have shown in years – plain and engraved pieces.

Please visit our web site www.coltcollectors.com. Also visit the Colt Collectors Facebook page to see some very interesting guns.

There has been a change for the Memorabilia page. After 10 years my supply of Don’s memorabilia collection has dwindled. A good friend has just introduced a Colt memorabilia web page and I think he will serve your needs very well. His web page is www.coltcollectables.com. He is very good with out of print versions of Don’s books, too. Please check him out. If you have any questions about these posting, please contact me at carol@collectcolt.com.

There are monthly updates to keep up with changes at the Colt factory and other items of note in our business. Feel free to click on January 2018.

Please feel free to browse the Colt revolvers and the Colt books that Don has written. Don’s last book The Official Record of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, 1873-1895 has gotten great reviews.

The deluxe cased and numbered leather edition is now available. The price is $395, plus $15 postage. Photographs are posted.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. Our website is always up-to-date with new inventory. Every effort has been made to assure simple navigation.

We always have new and unusual revolvers in stock, in addition to common models. Rare and exceptional variations are what we have been known for, and set us apart from others.

Since we always welcome and maintain a “want list”, feel free to ask for various uncommon barrel lengths, calibers, and other configurations.

As a brief side note, I am one of five founding directors of The Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation. Please click on the Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation – 501 (c) (3) and take a look at us. When you are considering a tax deductible donation for a very worthy cause – youth and their future in our shooting and collecting world – please think about us.

The 2017 ECLF St. Louis Raffle gun is posted. We are very proud to present another fine Colt Single Action Army revolver. Update – the Raffle gun brought over $12,000.

Thank you for stopping by our web site. Check us out often as inventory tends to change rapidly.

Carol K. Wilkerson