Colt Single Action Army Revolvers – Quick Reference – 1873-1999 Upd.


This new pocket guide will cover all of Colt’s Single Action Army revolvers; pre-war, pre-war/post-war, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, and all single action revolvers in .22 caliber. Much information has been added and existing data refined. Pocket size at 4″ x 4″, this handy guide is ready for your shirt pocket and will provide on-the-spot information needed by collectors.

I have completed a update sheet for the revolvers 2000 – 2011 that is enclosed at no charge with each order.

Pre-war Single Action Army Revolvers: 1873-1947
Pre-war/Post-war Single Action Revolvers: 1947-1962
2nd Generation Post-war Revolvers: 1955-1975
2nd Generation Post-war New Frontiers: 1961-1975
3rd Generation Post-war Revolvers: 1976-1999
3rd Generation Post-war New Frontiers: 1978-1999
Scout Revolvers – F Series: 1957-1971
Scout Revolvers – K Series: 1960-1970
Scout Revolvers – P Series: 1961-1971
Peacemaker & New Frontier G Series: 1970-1977
Peacemaker & New Frontier G Series with Safety: 1982-1986

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