2nd Generation 1960, .38 Special, 4 3/4″ Black Box



Serial Number – 21040SA – RARE 4 ¾” BARREL

 Caliber.38 Special

Barrel – 4 ¾” 

Finish – Blue and Casehardened – GREAT CASE COLORS

Stocks – Hard Rubber

This revolver was shipped on February 2, 1960 in a shipment of 1 to Illinois.

Factory Letter

What makes this revolver special is the condition. The revolver is 100%. Very difficult revolver to find in this condition.



PRICE: $5,695

The Black box is numbered to the revolver and includes brochure, warranty card and Handling the Handgun pamphlet. The box has a minor break on the lid on the left front. There is a hammer punch on the back side of the box. Condition is 99%. 



FullSizeRender-47The .38 Special was first introduced in November 1955 with a shipment of three 5 ½” barrels. The 7 ½” barrels were introduced in 1956. The first 4 ¾” barrels were shipped in 1958.

There are only 741 revolver in 4 ¾” barrels (.38 Special). Total black box .38 Special revolvers is 10,591.