The Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation presents the CCA membership with a very special Single Action revolver that has been created for raffle at the 2018 CCA All Colt Show in Charlotte/Concord, NC.

The ECLF extends its thanks to Dennis Vellieux, CEO, Paul S. Spitale, Senior Vice President of Commercial Programs and the team at Colt’s Manufacturing Co., for their assistance in producing this unique revolver. Our efforts to support causes and organizations that promote youth participation in training and safety, awareness of historical significance of firearms, youth firearms associations and clubs, are made possible by Colt’s continuing support.

The design team for the ECLF Raffle gun consists of Beverly Haynes and Carol Wilkerson. Beverly, in her role as Colt Historian, has written the Colt factory documentation that accompanies this unique revolver. Beverly’s diligent efforts in moving this revolver through Colt’s system are greatly appreciated.

Denise Thirion has been our engraver of choice for many years and continues to excel in producing fine collectible firearms for the Foundation. Denise uses a European style of engraving that she learned at Fabrique Nationale. She is also influenced by the older engravers, L. D. Nimschke and Rudolph Kornbrath; as well as the more modern engravers, Ken Hunt and Winston Churchill. The Foundation appreciates her continuing support. We also extend our thanks to Joelle Bee, Denise’s daughter, for her efforts on our behalf.

The 2018 Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation raffle gun is a Colt Single Action Army with a cross pin frame in .45 caliber with a

7 ½” barrel. Denise has used “C” plus Expert level engraving. The hammer and front sight are also engraved. The revolver is nickel-plated with Ink and Bake accents. The fire blue package includes the base pin, ejector rod head, trigger and all screws. The screws are qualified. The stocks feature exotic Ram’s horn. They have been expertly fitted and donated by Emily Alaimo Cusson of Nutmeg Sports. Thank you for your continuing support.

Les and Marilyn Yoder provided a circa 1980’s deluxe cherry wood glass topped case. The interior is pillow style with a burgundy color. There is a brass Colt Custom Shop medallion affixed to the lid. Thank you Les and Marilyn for your continuing support.

Thanks to Earl and Gwen Whitney for transporting this beautiful case to Charlotte/Concord for the ECLF.

The ECLF continues to encourage and facilitate our youth in their firearms related endeavors. The foundation is successful due to the contributions of the Colt Collectors Association membership and we thank you for your support.

Your ECLF board consists of PresidentJan Quick, Vice-President Carol K. Wilkerson, Secretary Karen Green, Director Beverly J. Haynes, Director Wilmer Kellogg and Director Paul Maxwell.

Honorary Director Ret. General William Keys, USMC