Engraving Facts


Colt offers (3) grades of engraving, and (4) different coverages. Colt’s three grades of engraving are: Master, Expert, and standard; with the Master, of course, being the most deluxe. Master and Expert revolvers are signed by the Engraver. Standard revolvers are usually stamped “Colt Eng” under the stocks and a factory letter will NOT include the name of the engraver. A factory letter comes with the Master and Expert engraved revolvers, but not the standard engraved revolvers. Colt has implemented a small surcharge for letters on the Master and Expert engraved revolvers.

The amount of a revolver’s surface that is to be engraved is broken down into four grades or coverages:

  • A – 1/4 of the surface
  • B – 1/2 of the surface
  • C – 3/4 of the surface
  • D – full surface coverage (usually includes the front side, screws, and hammer.)

As a general statement, we are enjoying the Golden Age of Colt Engraving. Some of the Colt’s finest engraving has been completed in the last 25 years and many of those engravers are still active today. The engraved guns offered are personally ordered or selected for their superior quality and/or uniqueness.

The engraved guns coming in right now are among the best I’ve seen. Now is the time to add a superbly engraved Colt SAA to your collection.