Update – JUNE 2020


NOTE: Shipping costs are gone up dramatically. See below.

There is very little inventory coming from the Colt factory and rising prices reflect that lack of inventory.

Anyone that has an order with the Colt Custom Shop should contact the factory to see if those orders are still viable and continue to follow your order in a timely manner. The good news is that the factory is working hard to bring back their Custom Shop.

I have posted a large number of Colt single action third generation revolvers in various calibers, barrel lengths and finishes. There only 4 black box single actions are left and I have added a late 2nd in the brown box gun. There will be something for everyone! Please check them out. Note that I have added a second generation New Frontier in the black and gold box. The remainder of the revolvers are third generation.

Go to Contacts to see how to contact me and we can talk about your next collectible firearm.

The Colt Collectors Association has a new all color magazine as of Winter 2013. In the Spring 2014, I had the cover of the magazine with 3 of Don’s New Lines from the 1876 Centennial display board. Inside was an article on spur triggers inside, along with a profile on boxes and cartridges. Also featured was a brief write up on the 1876 Centennial in Philadelphia. The new Colt Collectors web site has a listing of the magazines and there is a list of the articles inside each magazine. Helpful to those who want to buy certain magazines that feature a particular model they are interested in. Our magazines are becoming collector items.

 Go to the CCA web site www.coltcollectors.com for details of the 2019 Frisco/Dallas, TX show.

The Colt Collectors Association Facebook page has some very interesting guns. One of which is the Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation Single Action Army. This Raffle gun just brought over $12,000. The ECLF disburse funds to 7 different youth groups from 7 different states. I have posted the ECLF Frisco/Dallas, TX raffle gun. It is a beautiful piece.

The deluxe and cased leather edition of The Official Record of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, 1873 – 1895 is available and the cost is $395, plus $15 shipping. Standard edition with dust jacket is $150, plus $6 shipping. If the phone is not answered or the answering machine does not pick up, that means I am taking orders, so please try again. I appreciate those of you who have purchased Don’s last book and are enjoying his last endeavor. He would have been so very pleased to see how well the book turned out.

There will be a increase on the cost to express ship firearms. Both UPS and Federal Express have significantly raised their rates. The cost for a single firearm will be $80.

Note – Colt firearms produced in 2011 will be marked with a 175th Anniversary roll mark.

2015 is notable for the Colt factory with their filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The Colt factory comes out of bankruptcy in January 2016.

2017 saw numerous layoffs at the Colt factory and that continues in 2018.

Collecting continues to be strong. Colt’s, and particularly Colt Single Action revolvers, have proven to be a good investment.

Carol K. Wilkerson