Colt Single Action Revolver Handbook – 1955-1975


This book brings you up to date on post war (2nd generation) revolvers. This new format is designed for quick reference. There are 224 pages with numerous half tone photographs.

Table of Contents

Colt Single Action Revolvers – General
.45 Colt defined by Revolvers shipped in Black Boxes
Stagecoach Boxes and Woodgrain Boxes
Non-Standard Production Revolvers
Buntline Special
Sheriff’s Model
.38 Special Revolvers
.357 Magnum Revolvers
.44-40 Revolvers
.256 Winchester Magnum Revolvers
.41 Magnum Revolvers
Single Action Revolvers shipped after 1975
Factory Engraved Revolvers – SA & NF
Colt New Frontier Revolvers – General
.45 Colt New Frontier
.38 Special New Frontier
.44 Special New Frontier
.357 Magnum New Frontier
New Frontiers shipped after 1975
Foreign Sales
Model Numbers
Factory Letters

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